About Luddite Labs

About Luddite Labs

Luddite Labs is empowering the next generation of software developers. We curate knowledge in software engineering and seamlessly deliver it into your workflow. Our AI-powered tools help developers spend more time creating software solutions and less time debugging and maintaining code. At Luddite Labs we continue to expand the scope of our AI-based services because we believe that the best of AI has yet to come.



Thomas Zheng, CEO
Thomas is a strong advocate for the advancement of AI-centric automation for all cognitive labor and cofounded Luddite Labs to pursue this techno-future. Prior to Luddite Labs, Thomas was one of the principal instigators that kick-started an AI research effort in the R&D lab of Qualcomm. He was instrumental in assembling a world-class team in neuromorphic engineering. Before AI, Thomas was immersed in the world of wireless communication; working next to some of the best minds in building system solutions for everything wireless. He is also well-versed in quantitative finance and is adept at building end-to-end solutions for quantitative strategies.  

Jeff Shaw, CTO

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in the research, design, development and technical leadership of advanced signal processing, communication and cognitive systems for commercial and defense applications. Prior to Luddite Labs, Jeff held senior leaderships positions in large enterprises, small companies and start-ups in Silicon Valley and San Diego. Jeff is a co-inventor of passive wireless strain gauge technology and has patents pending for acoustic direction finding and neuromorphic computing. Jeff’s current technical interests lie in automation technologies that free people from mundane tasks and allow them to create the things that they feel passionate about.

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